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God League can take it outta you

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 29, 2015, 9:55 AM
  • Mood: Tired
Race: Femorian

Hair/Eyes/Skin Color: Rosey-pink/Sea-green/Tanned skin/pale-pink fur

Height/Weight: 105ft/972.405lbs

Appearance: Kaylie is a tall slender kitsune with 6 tails, each about 50ft long and covered in plush soft fur. Her primary fur colour is pale-pink, while her secondary fur colour matches that of her long wavy hair, Rosy-pink. She has two excellent fox ears atop her head to hear and detect danger or trespassers. The tufts on her fur coated ears, as well as the tips of her tails, have the Rosy-pink colour. Her fur does well to cover her up, coating the majority of her chest and nether region, providing warm passing for her joints like her ankles and wrists to keep them flexible and unscathed. She has big radiant eyes that can sooth the most frightened of souls, if you find her on a good day. These same eyes could also bestow fear into her enemies, should she find the need to fight them.

Background: Kaylie has lived in solitude most of her life, she's learned to live and survive from her surroundings. She has great knowlege of the wild and uninhabited. But she knows nothing of the human life. Living in solitude as a kitsune she's learned to keep her senses atuned and her movements fluent. She's learned to control her natural spiritual ability as a kitsune but only uses them in time of great need. She searches the land for food, for sustain, for a better life.

Home Location: Long fields

Type Of Home: Burrow

Lifestyle: Wanderer

Alignment: Neutral

Morals: Neutral

Virtues: Loyalty Vigilance Optimist

Vices: Cowardice Wrath

Personality Information
Defense XOXXX Attack
Fight XXOXX Flight
Reason XXXOX Feeling
Calm XXOXX Hot Headed
Cunning XXXOX Pure
Cooperation XXXOX Independence
Work XXXOX Love
Reality XXOXX Fantasy
Kind XOXXX Mean
Religious XXXXO Worldly
Holy XOXXX Evil

Attribute Values
1: Severely Impaired (0.25% of population)
2: Average Infant/Moderately Impaired (2.4% of population)
3: Average Adolescent/Mildly Impaired (5.6% of population)
4: Average Young Adult/Low Average (14.5% of population)
5: Average Adult (46.5% of population)
6: High Average (18.1% of population)
7: Above Average (8.2% of population)
8: Superior (4.2% of population)
9: Very Superior (0.2% of population)
10: Peak Of Possibility (0.05% of population)

Strength: 5
Dexterity: 9
Endurance: 7
Comprehension: 4
Intellect: 3
Resolve: 6
Charm: 7
Influence: 6
Composure: 4


Advantages: Active, Fast Reflexes, Heightened senses

Disadvantages: Learning Disability

Common Abilities: Acrobatics, Athletics, Dodge, Empathy, Expression, Herbilism, Intimidate, Navigation, Search, Survival

Special Abilities:  None

Spirit Abilities: Aura shield, Transfiguration, Pull

Spells: None
15 Major Arcana Spells: None
5 Minor Arcana Spells: None
ESP: None


Weapons: None
Armor: None
Clothing: None
Accessories: A hand crafted bindle, made from abandoned human tents to carry her stuff using a large branch as the stick.
Miscellaneous Items: A strange relic picked up from an old ruin during her travels.
Mature Content Filter is On. The Artist has chosen to restrict viewing to deviants 18 and older.
(Contains: nudity, sexual themes and ideologically sensitive material)
(This is a league of legends vore short story, typical disclaimers, don't like don't read all characters belong to Riot games!)

It was 8 o'clock pm in Runeterra. The champions of league of legends had time for themselves as the Summoner's Rift was having new gates installed in each base. The installment would be done tomorrow but for now the champions could unwind and relax.

Ahri stretched as she finished her workout, she wanted to be ready for tomorrow, she wanted to be in top condition while other's slacked off. Her stomach let out a loud growl. "A heavy workout sure works up and appetite, let's see if we can't get ourselves a snack" She said, to nobody in particular. She put on her night clothing, and furry coat, it was pretty cold out and the tavern was quite a walk away. Luckily with spirit rush she could zip there in no time.

No more than 5 minutes after she left home she arrived at the tavern. It was packed as to be expected. The bartenders had trouble keeping up with Gragas's binge drinking and the waitresses had to squeeze through the partying crowd to get to the tables. Ahri sa the bar and winked to Gragas as seductively as she could to check how drunk he was, but there was no response from him, he just kept drinking. "Ah Gragas you never cease to amaze me you drunken dolt" She said punching his shoulder as she looked at the bartender "A glass of wine for me and the next lady to sit next to me" She said smiling.

Leona walked into the tavern an hour later and sat next to ahri, Giving her a high five. "Great job on that game last night, you kicked the living daylights out of those guys, I still feel sorry for Annie, that must have really hurt" Ahri who was already on her 5th glass of wine just smiled "Ah who cares, it's not like it doesn't heal once we leave the field of justice, besides she shouldn't have tried to take the dragon" Ahri slurred taking another swig of her wine, she had completely forgotten how hungry she was. Leona just shook her head "I see old Graggy here had a real influence on you, how much have you had" Ahri signaled the bartender and he refilled her glass "Not enough" Ahri replied handing a glass of wine to her companion. "Let's take this to the terrace shall we?" Leona nodded and both women stood and walked out to the back terrace.

The night was clear and full of stars, the moon was full which made Leona cringe just slightly thinking what Diana would do to her in the field of justice right now. "You gotta unwind hun, it's still 12 hours until they reopen the rift, relax and have fun" Ahri urged her, Leona agreed and took a big swig of her wine. They mingled as the night drew on, at nine-thirty the girls have had their fair share of whine and decided that enough was enough. Ahri went to pay the bill for the both of them using her, 'persuasive powers' to get a discount "Ha sucker, I can't believe he fell for the oldest trick in the book" Leona giggled and stumbled over a street-tile "He was all like, whoo boobies!" The duo laughed as they headed to Ahri's place.

The nine-tailed fox welcomed her friend inside and Leona happily accepted her invitation. The duo chatted some until Ahri was reminded by her gut why she went to the tavern in the first place. An immense growl came from her empty stomach and she cringed in pain. Her blue orb pulsed frantically at the distress of her body. "Hold on I'll go get some food, I know a place just down the road" Ahri wanted food now not later. "No stay!" She cried out, Leona walked to the door "I'll only be 15 minutes" She said smiling towards Ahri, big mistake. The nine-tailed fox cast her most famous spell, her eyes shone pink and she blew her friend a longing kiss.

Leona walked to Ahri and sat on her lap, the sun-warrior kissed her lover, their tongues intertwining as she could only think of her lover and pleasing her. Ahri stood up and Leona whined as she was forced to break the kiss, the taller fox out of reach. "Love, let's have some fun, but you don't need that armor, come let's go to my room" She walked to her bedroom, Leona right on her heals admiring her nine-tail clad ass. Ahri took off her coat and winked at Leona as she started to tug at her panties. Leona stared in awe as her lover undressed before her, even the brightest of lights were apparently unaware when they were charmed. Leona followed suit, removing her golden armor and dropping her shield and sword as she thought about a long night filled with pleasure for her and Ahri.

Ahri smirked as she stood naked before her friend, she felt bad for charming her like this but she had no choice, 15 minutes was just too long to wait for her food. She smiled as Leona undressed before her, she cupped her friend's breasts, squeezing them a little "You're beautiful Leo, I want you" She said to her charmed friend. Leona squirmed in excitement. She lay on the bed, letting Ahri take the top as she was far too taken away to be effective to her. Ahri smiled and climbed on the bed, she curled 2 tails around each of Leona's limbs. "I'm sorry Leona, I'm just so hungry" She took the sun-warrior's feet into her mouth, her blue orb pulsed as her mouth stretched and stretched to prepare for her meal. She took in more of her friend, marveling how great she tasted, but this could have been the wine messing with her. Leona squirmed as she felt Ahri's slimy tongue lick over her feet, covering them in her saliva as they made their decent into her throat, she was just here for the ride now.

Ahri moaned as she took in more of the tasty champion of the Solari. She licked every inch of her body as it went down her throat, her orb pulsed green then flew through her belly nestling inside to provide protection for her and her friend, after all her belly wasn't designed to hold so much food. Her tails let go of Leona's legs as she was now down to her waist in Ahri's mouth. Ahri decided to reward her friend for her great taste as her tongue speared Leona's naked pussy. The champion screamed as Ahri used her obsessive knowledge of the human body to maximize Leona's pleasure forcing detectable moans and arousing screams from the sun-warrior. Leona spammed as Ahri brought her to orgasm with her tongue, swallowing more of her friend along with her juices.

Leona now continued her decent down Ahri's throat, her tongue brushed over Leona's belly, it was strong and refined like that of a true warrior, while her legs were more those of a sophisticated woman. Ahri felt Leona's muscles with her tongue admiring her body, she never expected such a beautiful face to have such a refined body. She continued to gulp Leona down, licking at her gorgeous nipples and her soft adequate breasts, they were tiny compared to Ahri's but suited her frame perfectly. Ahri had no trouble swallowing the rest of her friend, twisting her tongue around Leona's as her head slowly made it's way down releasing her and letting her slide into her stomach.

Ahri moaned and groaned feeling her friend squirm inside her belly, it made her feel good and bad at the same time, she rubbed her huge belly, marveling at it's size. She lay on her side, still rubbing the globe protruding from her. Leona squirmed feeling the fox's hands rub over her through the taut skin. "Shhh, go to sleep Leo, it's been a long day. I'll make it up to you in the morning" Ahri rested her head on her pillow and closed her eyes, feeling Leona relax inside her, the nine-tailed fox's heartbeat and other bodily sounds putting the sun-warrior to sleep, as Ahri feeling fuller than she ever had, rubbed her taut belly until she fell asleep on top of the covers.

Ahri stirred from her sleep, she rubbed her eyes and then her taut belly. She rubbed it happily and smiled "I'm going to keep you here for a while" Leona squirmed as she stirred from her sleep "Whatever you want Ahri, I love you" she replied, she felt safe here and more important she was with Ahri. Ahri raised an eyebrow "I thought my charm would have worn off by now" Ahri stood up, noticing for the first time she was wearing her newest "challenger" battle-wear. "Welcome to Summoner's Rift!" Ahri's eyes widened as she looked down at her belly and then to the field of justice as the nexus erected from the ground. "Oops..."
Ahri's drunken escapade (contest entry)
(This is a league of legends vore short story, typical disclamers, don't like don't read all characters belong to Riot games!)

Ahri get's ready for the new patch and works up quite an appetite, a few drinks and some poor decisions later...

Story belongs to me

All characters belong to Riot Games

Contest entry for :iconjoeytheneko:'s Contest

Happy new year

Journal Entry: Sat Jan 3, 2015, 8:51 AM
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